Frequently Asked Questions

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VEX Robotics

  • Question: Can I cut the metal VEX components ?

  • Answer:YES, feel free to cut any of the VEX metal from the vexrobotics.com.

RobotC Firmware

What do I get for registering?

When you register with VEX, you get your official VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) team number, as well as the Welcome Kit, which includes:
(4) Official Team ID Plates
(1) Game Pieces
(2) Blue and (2) Red Robot ID Flags

Your official team number allows you to register for VRC events. Without registering, your team would not be eligible to compete at many of the larger events, or qualify for the World Championships

Sample Team Budget

Sample VEX Team Budget

Your team's cost for participating in VEX will depend on several factors, including whether you own a VEX robotics kit and what type of kit you own, whether you will share a practice facility and Challenge Kit with another team, and whether you decide to build an "official" field. To help you predict your costs, here is an estimated VEX team budget for the season.

Budget Item2009 CostNotes
VEX International Team Registration $100/team  
VEX Robotics Kit (Dual Control Starter Bundle) $500 1
Houston VEX Local Registration Fee $100  
Miscellaneious Batteries & Spare Parts $200  
Total $900/team 2

  1. The VEX Robotics Kit (Dual Control Start Bundle) is the lowest cost starting package to compete. Other Bundles will not provide the needed components to compete.
  2. The VEX Classroom & Competition Super Kit is the most complete kit you can buy for $1000.
  3. We suggest getting the Cortex controller to improve your wireless communication between your robot.

Multi-Team Budget Estimation

If you are considering having multiple teams...
please take a look at Rick Tyler's multi-team VEX-FTC-FLL Cost Spreadsheet.