VEX Volunteer Roles

The success of an VEX Robotics event is made possible by enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers.

Table Attendant

Table attendants work at the main information and registration table at the event. These volunteers are responsible for checking in teams and greeting guests as they arrive at the event.

Team Queuing

These volunteers are responsible for tracking down teams in the pit areas and making sure they get to the field on time for their upcoming match. A smooth queuing process is vital for an event to stay on schedule.

Field Assistant

Field assistants are responsible for resetting the field between matches, as well as assisting the field manager with routine field maintenance when necessary.

Robot Inspector

Conduct inspections of robots to verify machines conform to specifications and requirements. All inspectors must read the inspection rules (SEE BELOW) before the competition.


Like almost any other sport, the referees in VEX are responsible for ensuring that teams follow the game rules during the matches. At the end of each match, referees are also responsible for scoring the match, and assigning any necessary penalties. All referees need to review the game rules and referee guide before the competition.


The panel of judges are responsible for observing and evaluating teams at the event. The panel uses the gathered information to determine which teams are deserving of additional awards at the competition. Judges need to review the judges handbook (SEE BELOW) before the competition.

Volunteer Resource Detail

Depending on your Volunteer Assignment, read the training guide pertaining to your role.
The 2010-2011 Documentation should be released here

Game Specific Details

Everyone volunteering should take a few minutes to read the game rules and Animation